Merle's Menu

Merle has created a menu of dishes using the finest seasonal produce to create an authentic Trinidad experience. Friendly service for food and drinks is provided and it almost feels like grandma’s. Taking inspiration from Trinidad, all the dishes on the menu are designed for sharing. Using fine German produce, and pairing it with Trinidadian spices, the dishes are so good they really speak for themselves.




Roti & Talkarie

Main Course



Roti is the best known and most popular dish in Trinidad. A baked flat bread, which is combined with various side dishes and traditionally eaten by hand. There are two different kinds of Roti you can choose from:
Dhalpourie a soft flat bread filled with split peas and roasted cumin or,
Paratha / Buss Up Shot a torn flat bread with a soft, silky texture without filling.
Talkarie is the sauce that goes with the Roti.




Please ask for our homemade Hot Sauce and Kuchela, if you need another  kick of flavor!